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Catherine Lamm

Director & Audition Coach

Audition Coach
Nail That Audition

N A I L   T H A T   A U D I T I O N  !


The Secrets To Successful Auditions.

Catherine Lamm
Players’ Theatre
Rehearsal Loft

115 Macdougal Street

·      How do you think you did on your last audition?


·      Think you can do better?


·      Wish you felt more assured about you audition?


·      Wonder what they thought of your audition?


·      Wonder why you didn’t get a call-back?


·      Is your headshot and resume working for you or against you?


·      Have you ignored developing the “business” of your career?


You can spend years and a fortune perfecting your acting skills and for your headshot.  But these investments can be lost if you haven’t mastered presenting yourself in a two minute monologue and the interview.


Learn the auditioning skill that they don’t teach in universities and professional schools.


Catherine Lamm has been coaching actor for over twenty year in the nuances of successful auditioning.


She shares techniques and secrets on:


  • Finding and assessing the auditions. 


  • Choosing the right audition material. 


  • Identifying the ingredients a really good headshot and photographer.


  • Discovering the do’s and don’ts of attention getting resumes.


  • Maximizing your chances of booking the gig.


  • Preparing an effective and strong-impact interview and audition!


  • The pet peeves of directors, agents, casting directors and producers


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