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Catherine Lamm

Director & Audition Coach

Audition Coach
Nail That Audition
 N A I L   T H A T   A U D I T I O N  !
The Secrets to Audition Success

• Are you really prepared for that next audition?
• Do you have little time to prepare those sides?
• Do you feel that you could do better, be better prepared,
  feel less nervous and more self-assured?
• Do you want to build a solid audition technique and
  monologue resource?
I  C A N  H E L P !

 Photo by Ellis Gaskell

  "On top of being so much fun - - she really knows her stuff."

Charles Johanson (Executive Director, CFO)

Grove Theater CenterLong BeachCA


“Taking Catherine’s seminar was one of the single most positive thing that has happened to me. I had fallen into the pattern of ‘be what you THINK they want…’ This was the first thing that Catherine identified, and it was costing me work.!”
Gail Frankel (Actress, Musical Theatre)


“After working with Catherine for only a month I booked two jobs!”

Clare Patterson (Actress)

“Catherine is an inspiration to any actor who wants to succeed.”
Vicki Phillips (Actress, Cabaret Artist)

  “This was the best event ever!”

Laurie Eliscu (Actress)


 “She's terrific!”

Cheryl Horne-Fitzpatrick (Actress)


"Her understanding of actors and their craft is uncanny."

Robert Wentworth (Actor)